ericsson vAQM on LTE
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Sebastian Moeller
2018-05-09 09:41:58 UTC
It takes a while to get to the point, but I am encouraged. Maybe we
don't have to rebuild/reverse enginer a few 5g implementations from
"Figure 3 illustrates vAQM in two scenarios: Packet Data Network
Gateway (PDN GW) of Evolved Packet Core (EPC) in 4G and in the User
Plane Function (UPF) of 5G core. In 5G, vAQM will be deployed as a
network function by the UPF of the 5G core. It will be configured per
PDU session, per SDF (Service Data Flow)/QoS flow – that is, the
guaranteed bitrate (GBR) or nonGBR QoS flow. The non-GBR QoS flows of
one PDU session will be aggregated and handled by one vAQM, whereas
each GBR QoS flow will be allocated a vAQM with a dedicated virtual
buffer. The Session Management Function (SMF) will configure vAQM and
its virtual buffers for the QoS flows during the PDU session
establishment/ modification phase. Configuration will occur when SMF
provides the UPF with a QoS Enforcement Rule that contains information
related to QoS enforcement of traffic including an SDF template (in
other words, packet filter sets), the QoS-related information
including GBR and maximum bitrate, and the corresponding packet
marking information – in other words, the QoS Flow Identifier (QFI),
the transport-level-packet-marking value. vAQM is self-learning,
making it fully automated without any parametrization."
Ooops, who would have thought that "sentient" Skynet will actually wil have spend its formative years as a "self-learning" AQM-system; might explain its propensity to throttle its subjects ;)
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