attack of the killer microseconds
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Dave Taht
2017-07-16 06:24:56 UTC
A problem I'm having is that I don't know if the trends I'm seeing are
self re-enforcing or not.


"System designers can no longer ignore efficient support for
microsecond-scale I/O, as the most useful new warehouse-scale
computing technologies start running at that time scale. Today's
hardware and system software make an inadequate platform, particularly
given support for synchronous programming models is deemed critical
for software productivity. Novel microsecond-optimized system stacks
are needed, reexamining questions around appropriate layering and
abstraction, control and data plane separation, and hardware/software
boundaries. Such optimized designs at the microsecond scale, and
corresponding faster I/O, can in turn enable a virtuous cycle of new
applications and programming models that leverage low-latency
communication, dramatically increasing the effective computing
capabilities of warehouse-scale computers."
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